Iver Example

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 Vroon B.V. is the owner of the "Iver Example".

Vroon - Breskens

Ship's particulars

Name:  Iver Example
Flag:  Dutch
Port of Registry:  Breskens
Main engine output:  11,640 BHP / 127 rpm
Length Over All:  182.85 m
Beam moulded:  32.20 m
Depth:  18.60 m
Maximum draft:  12.21 m
Keel to mast top:   47.00 m
Construction yard:   Halla, Samho, Korea
Deadweight summer salt:   45.809 mt @ 12.205 m
Cargo tank coating:   Zinc (Sigma Silguard)

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The Iver Example was sold in 2006 and renamed "Bro Promotion".

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