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Zaliv Shipyard

JSC Zaliv Shipyard was founded in 1938. It is situated on the shore of the Kerch Strait, between two seas, the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov, in a bay protected against eastern winds. Its territory is more than 140 hectares.

More than 65 year Zaliv has been operating successfully in shipbuilding and ship repairing market. First production programs included construction of torpedo boats, mine sweepers, barges and fishing boats which were launched by crane then.

In 1950 new production shops were put into operation: mechanical, pipe-shop, outfitting quay and at the beginning of 60s the first block of hull- erection shops with complex mechanised lines, a new slip-way with a crane over 16–80 t capacity and a launching arrangement with trolleys of 2000 t capacity. At that time the Yard started a tanker newbuilding program. The first tanker constructed had 1500 DWT.

In 1964 the shipyard started to construct 22000 t water displacement tankers with fore and aft parts launched separately and then assembled and welded afloat.

In 1968 construction of a graving dock serviced by 6 cranes of 80 t capacity and 2 cranes of 320 t capacity each was started. Construction of a second block of hull shops was started. An automatic blasting and priming line was put into operation, as well as an automatic control for steel plasma cutting process, a computer centre started to operate. During 1945–1980 years Zaliv constructed and delivered about 600 vessels for navy and merchant fleet. Including a series of tankers of Crym type 150000 DWT. From 1980 till 1996 Zaliv successfully constructed a series of Panamax tankers of 65000 DWT with a double shell. A series of stationary oil production platforms was constructed for Vietnam. The Yard is known as a builder of fregates of 3,300 t water displacement for the Navy.

In 1988 the first in the world nuclear powered LASH vessel of ice-breaker type «Sevmorput» able to carry 1300 TEU was delivered.

From 1992 the shipyard constructed all vessels for export to Norway, Greece, Holland and other countries. Newbuilding and ship repairing output grows constantly. Presently Zaliv builds up to 3–4 hulls of dry cargo ships and container carriers up to 8000 dwt and repairs up to 35 vessels of different class. The Yard constructs chemical tankers, and in 2005 an outfitted hull of a 35000 dwt chemical tanker was built. A series of 15000 dwt hulls is presently under construction.

The shipyard has developed and implements programs for construction of offshore gas and oil production rigs, container carriers 7200 DWT, chemical tankers 20000 DWT, bulkers 110000–150000 DWT.


Ship name: Yard number:

Ship type:

Marshal Chuykov

904 tanker
Marshal Bagramyan 905 tanker
Sorokaletiye Pobedy 906 tanker
Hesnes 909 tanker
Victory III 910 tanker
Varg Star 912 tanker


913 tanker
Stavronisi 916 tanker
Aasheim 1202 general cargo
Gijon Knutsen - tanker
Mercs Uhana - general cargo 
Beautriton - general cargo
Onego Traveller - general cargo
Nao Protector - Platform Supply Ship
Nao Prosper 500 Platform Supply Ship

this page is part of the Duivendijk site