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Van Der Giessen
The Netherlands

Van Der Giessen - De Noord was a shipyard which has built a variety of ships, including naval vessels. It was located in Krimpen aan den IJssel, in the western part of the Netherlands. It was well known for its impressive undercover facilities.
Owned by IHC Caland, the yard went into liquidation in October 2003 primarily due to aggressive competition from other parts of the world such as South Korea who where still assisting their yards with subsidies.


Ship name: Yard number:

Ship type:

BSLE Endurance 914 general cargo
MSC Togo 917 container

Atlantic Spirit

918 reefer
Torvill 920 reefer
India Lotus 923 container
P&O Nedlloyd Houston 929 container
P&O Nedlloyd Vera Cruz 931 container
Tineke 932 reefer
Team Aniara 934 tanker
Friesland 941 passenger ship
Oleander 952 ro/lo
Bright Spark 954 general cargo
Sovereign 956 cable laying
Atlantic Guardian 986 cable laying
Volvox Olympia 990 dredger

this page is part of the Duivendijk site