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Naikai Zosen

Ship name: Yard number:

Ship type:

Lato 388 ferry
Toro 481 bulk carrier
William 598 bulk carrier
Avalon 602 bulk carrier

Shinyo Challenge

604 bulk carrier
Apollo 608 bulk carrier
Spring Laker 617 bulk carrier
Cherry 636 container
Atlantic King 641 bulk carrier
Atlantic Fortune 642 bulk carrier
Sendai Bulker 645 bulk carrier
Sunrise Lily 656 tanker
Wan Hai 302 664 container
Sea Amity 669 bulk carrier
High Priority 687 tanker
LV Lizzy 690 tanker
Rockies Highway 696 car carrier
Kirana Quartya 701 tanker
He Yuan 1 708 container
CSCL Houston 717 container
ST Green 741 container

this page is part of the Duivendijk site