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Jingjiang SUMEC Shipyard

Jingjiang SUMEC shipyard (JSS) is specialized in shipbuilding, ship-repairing, ship-breaking, steel structure anticorrosion, steel plate pretreatment and producing of special coating. It is located in the southeast corner of Jingjiang and 10km apart from Jiangyin Changjiang Great Bridge. It is about 140km from Shanghai by waterway


Ship name: Yard number:

Ship type:


02 tanker

Seaboard Pioneer

010 general cargo

Federal Pride

012 general cargo
Seaboard Power 013 general cargo
BBC Russia 015 general cargo
UAL Rodach 016 general cargo
UAL Angola 017 general cargo
Clipper Morning 026 bulk carrier
Sara Al Jaber 030 bulk carrier
Nicolaos A 031 bulk carrier

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