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Jiangnan Shipyard

Jiangnan Shipyard was established in 1865. The previous name was Jiangnan Machine Manufacturer and was renamed as Jiangnan Shipbuilding Works in 1912 and Jiangnan Shipyard in 1949. In 1996 the yard was transformed into state-owned solely funded Jiangnan Shipyard (Group) Company Limited. With more than 130 years experience in developing and building various kind of merchant ships, Jiangnan Shipyard has delivered to the worldwide shipping market a large variety of highly sophisticated vessels such as liquefied gas carriers, car carriers, crude oil tankers, panamax bulk carriers, handymax bulk carriers, lake suitable bulk carriers, multi-purpose cargo ships, fast feeder container ships etc. And in particular, gas carriers have become one of the major products of the shipyard in the past years. Apart from the new building section, Jiangnan Shipyard has specific divisions specializing in manufacturing pressurized tanks liquefied gas carriers, large steel structures for civil architect engineering, variety of mechanical and electrical equipment, nonstandard equipment, pressure containers etc.


Ship name: Yard number:

Ship type:

Starlight 2140 bulk carrier
Silver Sun 2173 car carrier


Overseas Cleliamar

2191 tanker

Overseas Polys

2192 tanker
Gaschem Phoenix 2196 gas tanker
Teng Fei Hai 2209 bulk carrier
Getaldic 2223 bulk carrier
Sheila Ann 2227 bulk carrier
Johann Schulte 2230 gas tanker
Wilhelm Schulte 2231 gas tanker

Sten Odin

Northern Ocean

2235 tanker
Ek-Sky 2237 tanker
Ek-Star 2238 tanker
MSC Asli 2243 container
MSC Lea 2244 container
Navigator Venus 2246 gas tanker
Navigator Saturn 2247 gas tanker
Yong Feng 2256 bulk carrier
Shen Nong Feng 2275 bulk carrier
Sten Idun 2285 tanker
Stenberg 2296 tanker
Pu Tuo Dao 2307 passenger/ro-ro
Persian Gulf 2318 bulk carrier
Bro Nissum 2342 tanker
Sten Moster 2351 tanker
Sten Suomi 2383 tanker
Sten Bothnia 2384 tanker
Sten Frigg 2400 tanker
Sten Bergen 2401 tanker
Stavfjord 2413 tanker
Stav Viking 2414 tanker
Sten Skagen 2437 tanker
Sten Fjell 2438 tanker

Louise Knutsen


2439 tanker
Gleamstar 2460 bulk carrier
Atalandi 2529 bulk carrier
Navigator Ceres 2555 gas tanker

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