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Hanjin Heavy Industries
South Korea

Ship name: Yard number:

Ship type:

Hanjin Osaka 7 container

Hanjin Portland

12 container
Hanjin Colombo 17 container
Hanjin Shanghai 18 container
Yong An 3 27 bulk carrier
Hanjin San Francisco 29 container
Hanjin Washington 32 container
Hanjin Los Angeles 40 container
Keoyang Majesty 41 bulk carrier
Keoyang Noble 42 bulk carrier
Hanjin Rome 55 container
MSC Diego 63 container
MSC Regina 64 container
Hanjin Amsterdam 67 container
Hanjin Athens 70 container
CMA CGM Balzac 77 container
Iver Prosperity 84 tanker
MSC Alyssa 95 container
CMA CGM Puget 100 container
Delaware Bridge 101 container
APL Australia 107 container
Ioannis P 110 tanker
MSC Ans 119 container
KMTC Port Kelang 121 container
MSC Rita 130 container
Maersk Daesan 135 container
Maersk Dellys 143 container
CMA CGM Alcazar 170 container
Arca 615 container
Sandy Rickmers 651 container

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