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Guangzhou Wenchong

Guangzhou Wenchong Shipyard Co., Ltd. (GWS) is a large shipbuilding, shiprepairing and heavy industry enterprise in the southern part of China, capable of repairing more than 140 ships ranging under 200,000 DWT and building approximate 8 ships of 25,000 DWT annually. GWS is specialized in new building of full container ship series, dredger series, oil product tanker and multi-purpose cargo ships.


Ship name: Yard number:

Ship type:

Onego Blues

251 general cargo
Onego Breeze 252 general cargo
Sheng He 264 container
Hansa Arendal 286 container
Durande 292 container
Maersk Voshod 293 container
CSAV Ilha Bela 298 container
Federal Margaree 307 bulk carrier
Federal Miramichi 309 bulk carrier
Hansa Limburg 320 container
Fritz Reuter 333 container
Sinar Sabang 340 container
Ludwig Schulte 368 container
Stadt Cadiz 382 container
Calidris 383 container
ANL Kokoda 386 container
Hansa Fresenburg 408 container
SFL Tyne 409 bulk carrier
San Lorenzo 433 container
MCC Shenzhen 437 container
Insight H5521 container
Containerships Stellar H5543 container

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